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Harper’s has been striving to produce beers that are not only made from organic ingredients, but also made with reduced gluten content. We are now using an Enzyme containing proline-specific endo-protease derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger in our brewing process to reduce gluten content. The gluten protein present in beer is very proline-rich. Because this enzyme is a proline-specific protease, it chops up the gluten proteins so that people with sensitivities to gluten may not react adversely. We test our beers for gluten through Great Lakes Scientific in Stevensville, MI using a test by Neogen called Veratox for Gliandin R-5. The result is that beers using this enzyme in the brewing process test below 10 ppm.

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Some of our Traditional Options



crisp, citrusy and wheaty 

 Kombucha Beer

Kombucha, ginger, hibiscus, and black currant juice

Grove St.

Pale Ale

hoppy and herbal from start to finish

+ Many



Who Loves

Craft Beer?!

Home brewed freshness is also an integral part of our brewery implemented by our talented brew master. Our homemade beers flow directly from tank-to-table, or to a growler or keg to enjoy at home. We have many Spartan craft-brewed beers on tap, such as our best-selling Spartan Wheat. Critical to many customers, ALL of our beers are gluten-reduced and organic.  We are always looking to create new recipes to better serve our clients, so please reach out if there is anything exciting you would like to see!
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